Monday, April 23, 2007


Awww, it's so cute, look at that sweet little one year old blog! I can hardly believe it myself. It's already been a year. In some ways, and this is so tired and predictable of me, it's felt bone gnawingly long and in other aspects it's raced by faster than a hamster on smack.

T.D. is one now as well and ever the dictator. She throws her hands up to show displeasure, delights in shrieking loudly, and now walks around with her chest puffed out and her hands behind her back, just like Hitler did to hide the shakes he had in his hands. Isn't that precious?

I looked back this morning at some old posts, had a few laughs, cringed at some moments, and realized that I did achieve my goal of staying at home, and also managed to keep up the blog, and start a new career. What a wild year it's been. Enjoy some excerpts from the past year! So much has changed including this blog.
We've got everything-
Going back to work,
Typical Mom Anxieties,
Bouts with PPD,
the final straw, and
squishy feelings

Thanks for reading!

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