Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A little Alec in All of Us?

It seems that this mess with Alec Baldwin continues. He's been seen all over discussing his less than ideal phone call to his daughter Ireland. I really didn't want to give this story any real play until yesterday when I had a conversation with a girlfriend of mine and it came up.

My biggest fear, and I talk about it often, is that I'll become a little too much like Joan Crawford. I've seen, own, and read the story Mommie Dearest more times than I can count. I have read numerous books about J.C. and even possess a copy of 'My Way of Life' by her. It's an almost illogical fear really, but there are those days where my temper is a bit too short and I find myself yelling. If someone were to tape that? Well, I cringe with embarrassment. We all have those moments whether it's with our kids, our spouses, or at a total stranger in our car. We yell, lose our cool and say some pretty vile things. We shouldn't do this. Especially to our kids, but it does happen. I yelled at a driver yesterday because he stopped in the middle of a lane for no reason. Just stopped his car. No light, no stop sign, and no other cars in front of him and yet he stopped. T.D. had been yelling herself into a tizzy for twenty minutes and nothing was appeasing her. Instead of yelling at her I really yelled at him. Seriously, why was he stopped? Oh right, he wanted to merge into another lane, and despite the fact that no one was coming, he stopped to think? and then ever so slowly get over. I digress...

My girlfriend made the point that what Baldwin did wasn't right, but we've all had those moments. She added that being girls once we know we weren't always the nicest, considerate people at that age either. I started to laugh and told her about how my grandmother told me that at the age of eleven (Ireland Baldwin's age), "I was a real bitch to deal with." Thanks Grandma! I know though she was right in many instances. I was a moody little SOB prone to silent treatments and major bouts of sulking. I didn't even want to deal with me.

I am not even completely surprised about this Baldwin outburst. We've heard the stories about his temper for years. He probably does need some sort of anger management. I just think though that we all have moments we regret, moments we wouldn't want anyone to see that aren't typical of us and our lives. Anyone else agree with me on this one?

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  1. I agree that we do lose our cool and just blow our tops sometimes for things that on an average day wouldn't bother us. I watch people I know blow their tops over the smallest things (and they make it such a big issue). I think the Baldwin issue is compounded because he has such a volatile relationship with his ex-wife and they are using whatever they can against each other. I think we all have a bit of Alec in us and we show it from time to time, we are just lucky enough not to be famous and have it blared all over TV, radio and ragmags.


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