Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Eight Weeks

I woke up this morning and realized that Dash Two is eight weeks old now. My, how time flies. I'm back at the gym, she has slept through the night for the first time and no matter what we do she is growing up at a remarkably fast pace. Those tiny baby days are gone already. She is reaching milestones at lightening speed and it was at this point with TD that I was already back at work.

While I'm still not feeling out of the woods yet as far as PPD goes, I do know that my bad bout with it coincided with my going back to work. Oddly enough, it is this same week in Dash Two's life that I'm heading out of town for the first time. I know she will be in good hands and if anything happens we have a plan but it just amazes me how fast time goes and how small she seems. I had no choice with TD. I had to go back to work. I imagined her bigger and less fragile to make myself OK with dropping her off at daycare each day. I look at her baby sister and I am grateful that we are able to swing this staying home thing. That I'm able to eek some work out that fulfills me and sometimes pays.

It's an amazing life. I am so grateful.

And now a walk down memory lane- Some Vintage Mummy.

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  1. Thank you for this, Victoria.
    I have flirted with the idea of discussing my issues with my thus far semi-untreated PPD/full on D (now that the Boy is 2 1/2 I don't feel like I can technically call it PPD anymore)and my thearpy session and what I am doing to make myself better for my family and for...well...myself. I find courage in your posts and am thankful for them.

    I just wanted you to know that.


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