Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm a Way Bigger Dork than I Thought

From the land of the intensely liberal and oh my god! is that Steve Jobs? I might just squee if it is.

I'm in NoCA for a bit and lovin' the balmy sixty degree temps, the food, the drink, the swag, the drinks. Will there be more drinks later? What? It's Cali- no one smokes here. If you even think about it they look at you like you are beating a sack of puppies with a sack of kittens at a children's birthday party. I've already seen more yogis than I can shake a protein-infused aromatherapy stick at.

Seriously- a girl could geek out here big time. If um.. she was prone to such things, which I'm like clearly not. Yeah, right. Who am I kidding? I check into my hotel (hello Stanford!) and rip open my bag 'o' goodies looking for the tech loot-mmm... tasty new flip camcorder all for me... oh and hi cutie- a 3 mos. membership to weight watchers, clothes for the tots and spa stuff. All waiting for me to pic or pan.

Did I mention I'm having lunch at Google tomorrow and when found out I almost pissed myself with joy? Yeah. I'm that much of a dork. Who knew?

The added bonus? A full night of sleep is but a Tylenol PM away.


  1. Sadly that sounds like a little dream getaway for me too. And me being a dork was totally brought on by this whole blogging thing- I'd have the same reaction as you thought I wouldn't have a short 2 years ago.

    Where are you anyway?

  2. Anonymous2:15 PM

    OH V,I"m so dang green and jealous right now. Stop rubbing it in. I don't want to hear about blissful sleep unless its my own. I would even settle for groggy drug-induced sleep that lasted more than 4 a time. ~Y

  3. Oh, some day...some day...

  4. That sounds lovely! Where are you that you are getting all this cool swag along with a peaceful night's sleep?


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