Thursday, June 08, 2006

Work blows right now. I asked someone if I could punch them in the face today. After that someone actually said I was sweet and quiet. WHAT? They were dead serious. Seriously. WHAT?! The guy said- are you kidding? She just asked me if she could punch me in the face! When was she ever sweet and quiet?! Love it.


  1. I see you found your way to the pictures? Cute!

    Hang in there. As we know...people can be stupid! Love ya!


  2. Lennie6:18 PM

    Having worked with you, I'd hardly call you sweet and quiet!

    I do miss you and you are a very funny and often irreverant writer. Keep it up. The world needs a twisted view on life to set us straight! (GRIN)

    Lennie from Shepherd PR


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