Monday, October 24, 2011

Where's Mummy?

I've returned from visiting my Dad this weekend as he finally got discharged from the hospital.  We don't know what is wrong technically, but we do know that it isn't life threatening.  Yeah!  Thank you to everyone who sent good wishes, prayers, hugs, tweets, and FB messages to me over the last few days. They were a great comfort to all of us. 

In other news-

I'm giving away a set of Eco bottles from BornFree. 

Sunless tanners are coming up streak free! Really!

The DC Moms is asking the important questions like, "Would You Wear Loungewear?"

The is where to go when looking for a great shade of red lipstick, Halloween costumes or the anything in between, even sippy cups and bamboo placemats!  It's also where I discuss "Sleek and Spooky Makeup for Halloween" and all natural sunless tanner

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