Monday, June 28, 2010

So Long Old Friend

Recently I posted about how good it felt to come away from an afternoon spent with friends and colleagues.  It was the SVMoms Group DC Metro Moms Symposium and I needed it.  Weeks later it was announced that SVMoms would soon cease to exist.

I can't tell you how sad this has made me.  Being a part of SVMoms/DCMM was one of my favorite parts of being in this field.  I not only enjoyed the camaraderie of other women, writers and friends but came away from each meeting and get together feeling revitalized, smarter and more accomplished. While DCMM didn't pay, it provided something so much more invaluable to me than monetary means.  There were adventures that happened because I wrote for that group, opportunities presented themselves that created more adventures like syndication, the BBC in our house and then there was actual paid and exciting work. 

Over my years with SVMoms/DCMM I forged friendships and watched other women grow and create amazing groups that I am not sure would have been possible if we had not all found each other through this little ol' LLC.  I'm partial to thinking that if Gayle hadn't sent me to Memphis one weekend in November I never would spent a day with Kristen in a Chevy Malibu learning about Twitter but ultimately creating a friendship that a year later would be such an amazing blessing.  She's an angel that, Kristen.  Did I ever tell you about the time she read a desperate blog post of mine and within an hour was at my front door with hugs, food and help?  Oh yeah, she did that. She rescued me big time that day and I'm still grateful.  Then there's Sarah, Devra, Jodi and all the others who make me laugh, teach me continuously about our blogging community, this "thing" we do for fun and work and our locale.  They are women I'm proud to call my friends and cohorts.  They have made my life richer in ways I never would have imagined was possible just a few years back. 

And it all started with SVMoms and I will always be grateful I got to be part of something so great that gave so much to me and so many others.  So long dear friend, I will miss you, but you have created something so special that is leaving other great things in its place. 


  1. The thing I'm going to miss most about DCMM is the women. You made blogher for me last year!

  2. Lindsay Lebresco10:32 AM

    I was certainly saddened to hear about it as well! Though the Philly group wasn't as tight nor run as long as the DC group, I was surprised how hard the disbanded hit me too. And seeing you all a couple Sundays reinvigorated me and reminded me how much I came to love & appreciate the community. Great to see you & good luck with #3!


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