Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bling, Bling

File this under products I won't be reviewing.

Bling Band-Aids.  Besides the fact that these are so 2001 they are also just plain tacky.  Unless of course you need them to coordinate with your grill.

How about the Sea Sponge Tampon?  Comes in sizes 'teenie', 'regular' and 'large'.  Also for prolapse.  I'm all for natural, green alternatives but this is going a bit too far. 

What? It comes with its own carrying case.  Don't we women all love little purses?


  1. At least the bandages are funny. The sponges are just gross. Of all the things created for that time of the month, this has to be just one step above the menstrual cup. Ewww.

  2. Anonymous12:28 AM

    Who on earth would stick a dead organism in their twat once a month to stop the hemorrhaging? Why not use a soft chinchilla or a bunny rabbit? Maybe a squirrel, they look soft, and they're natural! Ew. -E


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