Monday, February 23, 2009

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Wire Hangers

We've got plates! Yup, that's right. When Mummy gets mad in this house plates get broken. Sorry, Crate and Barrel. I guess dishwasher-safe is no longer enough. You need to start making Mummy-safe plates now too.

Behold, Exhibit A:

After a day of non-stop teething induced screaming and fretfulness from Dash Two, H calling to say he would be home "a bit late" and TD going into the classic terrible three meltdown mode I just lost it. I was cutting up tiny bite-sized pieces of steak for her and the screaming was just non-stop from everyone in the house. I yelled, "Enough!" and slammed the knife and fork down on the plate and it just cracked.

Can you tell I like my steak rare? Mmmm...blood.

Episode 7 of Exposed Brick is NOW! Seriously, if you aren't watching this you might as well crawl back under that rock of yours.


  1. We brake plates and glassware all the time. Not from anger, though. Just because we're the two clumsiest people to ever share an apt. together. CRASH! Oops, sounds like she's making lunch.

  2. Hope tomorrow is better :)

    I've been there :)


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