Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Well! Don't I Just Rock?!

To keep up with the pace around here and the use of "rock", "rockin'" and "rockin' it hard", which H used last night like repeatedly until at one point when I heard him ask T.D., "Are you rockin' that water?" I decided he must not be allowed to watch Brett Michaels and 'The Rock of Love' EVER, EVER again.

But I digress...

I feel like I kind of do rock this week. Yesterday, ConnectingMoms put up their interview with me and introduced me to the whole CM crew as their new Mom Contributor. I'm elated! I get to raid discussion boards, promote this here cute blog and all my others while interviewing other amazing working mothers. I feel blessed to be in such good company and to be able to do such cool things.

Then, if you will direct your attention to the right of this blog, you'll notice a new button. It's the Graco Monthly Nod! Graco has a fantastic and fun blog of its very own and I was awarded two nods by them this month. Once for the Evil Knievel post and the other for a party piece on did on DC Metro Moms. It is the first month they do this and I'm honored. I'm touched. I might have even blushed a little bit. OK a lot.

I feel like today, it does not even matter that I downed all that buttery biscuited chocolate yesterday and then some Girl Scout Cookies. Nope. It only matters that, you like me. You really like me.

Thank you.


  1. Congratulations! I also appreciate knowing about - I thought I already knew about it, but I realized I had it confused with ConnectingHer. Good luck with being a contributor. I'm sure it will help bring business to "this here blog" LOL!

  2. What, no comments like "I agree" "Yeah- you do rock" "You go girl" "Keep it coming" ?? Well there you go-you are rockin' this blog thing!

  3. Congrats vicky. I'm proud of you.


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