Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Next Evil Knievel?

I walk into her room. She is sitting sweetly, quietly in her rocking chair holding a pink bear. A pink bear that used to be on the shelf above her chair. Way, way above that chair. I ask her how she got the pink bear and she states, all sugar and sweetness, "I reached it Momma." Her first sentence!

No. Not really but reached?

She reached it?

It is not possible. Unless...

Unless she climbed the armrest up to the back of the chair and then she would be the correct height to reach the pink bear and only if she first moved the rocking chair up against the wall. Eesh! The kid is not even two yet!


I hear a loud thud coming from her room. She is supposed to be napping. Clearly no cute toddler dreams are taking place. I crack open the door just enough to peek in to find a truly horrifying site.

The thud?

A pink plastic pig she has thrown off her nightstand. It was clearly in the way of her standing on her nightstand. She has pushed her CD player aside to make more room for her tiny size 5 feet.

The water container of her humidifier has been removed so that the resevoir is exposed and full of water. She jumps into it feet first.


I thought having a daughter would be easier. Last night she tried to slide down the banister into our living room. I don't even want to know what 11 or 17 is going to be like.

I'm temporarily blocking this all out. I can't think about what else she might do today. This kid doesn't care about getting into cabinets or jamming stuff into electronics. She just wants to climb, jump, and dive bomb stuff. I see a career in horse-diving or something similiar in her future.

UPDATE: All I have heard for the last thirty minutes from T.D. is, "I shot Dee-Dee." Dee-Dee would be her blanket. Great. Now she is toting a gun.

Totally off subject but equally hilarious (especially the Jet dance) and it is better than the paltry piece the Today Show offered. Enjoy!


  1. Oh Good God, what liar told you girls were easier?

    Also - that might have been my favorite fight scene ever. My favorite part was the freestyle dancing.

  2. Perhaps by 11 or 17, she will have developed, if not more common sense, at least better balance? And it does sound like she is not just a climber, but a good climber. No broken limbs yet, right?

  3. LOL...Sounds like Aiden already, but he's younger..and has bigger feet :-p

  4. Melissa Parlaman (Graco contributor)12:01 PM

    this is like looking into a mirror! I gasped when I read this post since my daugher is the same exact way. She is 23 months old & into EVERYTHING! She just transitioned to a toddler bed since she climbed out of her crib several times. We had to do some mega baby proofing in her room since we knew she would get into everything.

    We had to leave the glider in the room since I use that to rock her every night. We knew this was going to be an issue since the dresser is right next to it (and a shelf above that). Two days ago, my husband walked into her room & found her standing on her dresser--acting like nothing happened. The humidifer comment scares me the most since we have that on the dresser too--it is only a matter of time before she realizes that too!

  5. We had a dresser climber too a few years ago.
    Time to wrap her in bubblewrap.


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