Tuesday, March 04, 2008

In Which Target = Happiness

What happens when you go to Tarzhay with low blood sugar and massive amounts of hormones sweeping through your body? You end up with a bag full of stuff like this-

One Method lavender disc deodorizer which for some reason you felt you could not live without. After all you could not sleep last night because your house smelled like chicken soup or some other such phantom smell.

An entire bag of mini Ritter Sport Butter Biscuits. Which you then ravenously ate a few of before even leaving the parking lot. There is still chocolate under your nails.

One carton of full-sized cadbury cream eggs. You will hide them away and eat them in secret later, preferably in bed.

A bath mat. Why? Not sure. It looked very soft and fluffy in the store. Its pristine whiteness calling to you. It makes the old bath mat look like it hangs out in a sewer.

An ovulation kit. I have to know if this is the reason my hormones are so crazy and since no company makes the, "Why am I a crazy bitch today" kit this seemed the next best thing.


  1. I went yesterday and I bought Claudia two bathing suits.

    I should have gotten a bath mat.

  2. Target totally does equal happiness. I'm a big fan of their plastic storage bin section.

  3. Love me some Target!!!! Girl, you know there are better ways of tracking your ovulation than with a kit, right??? You're so silly....

  4. I try to stay away from the public when I have PMS. I also stay away from scissors (after the home self haircut I only refer to as "The Bettie Page Incident")

  5. I can waste so much time in Target. But their clothes always frustrate me. While cheap and cute, after one washing they look just cheap and not cute. Except every once in a while I'll find a true winner that stands the test of time (and my washing machine & dryer).


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