Thursday, March 06, 2008

She's Crafty




Footsteps can be heard running overhead with the sound of hysterical Joker-esque laughter following it. Yelling quickly ensues.

It sounds like an old Adam West Batman episode is at play in my house.

Aah, nap time!

That crash was her pink plastic pig. The thud? A pile of books she has unceremoniously dropped from her bed.

The bang is new. I'll have to investigate.

Some people remove all furniture from their toddler's room when these things occur. I've seen many a bare toddler room. I wonder where they put all the kids stuff. Her grandparents freak out and fear for her life and I do too a little bit but I feel that even if we removed all T.D.'s furniture she would still find some way to climb, jump and make quite a commotion.

I would have to rip the windowsill off the window and just put a bare mattress on the floor if that were the case. Her room would look like a prison cell and I would feel like the warden.

Books would be banished. Drawers would have to be emptied of all clothes, shoes, socks and diapers.

Removing the furniture would just make her more creative I fear. Her dare devil feats would take on new heights and see no limit.

My mother once described me as wily. My father's nickname was 'The Sneak'. H once popped the tire on a school bus with his head and was completely fine, he just wondered what that hissing sound was. T.D. is doomed.

She was born to be a wild child and I can do nothing but embrace it. I will remove the night stand though. The girl has to have some limits.


  1. Melissa Parlaman (Graco contributor)8:33 AM

    Too funny. I have had luck with Pudding Pop so far..We basically run into her room as soon as we hear her up since we fear that she too will wreak havoc.

  2. Anonymous9:46 AM

    It wasn't a school bus, just one on those large travel vans that were so popular in the '80s.

    - H

  3. I think our daughters must have been twins seperated at birth! The only thing that has left her room was her IKEA chair because I found out she was climbing on it to recover the toys that were taken away in hopes of making her take a nap. The chair was then returned after nap and hasn't left since, because where am I going to put it?!?!


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