Monday, March 24, 2008


1. I hide candy throughout the house. Not even my husband knows where it is. Sometimes I get up late at night and eat it. Just a piece. I'm no binger alright?!

2. I'm a terrible Back Eater, though I swear it gets harder to do by the day. Toddlers are clever and wily little sons of a guns.

3. I haven't cleaned my diaper bag in only God knows how long. That and I still carry that damn thing around despite T.D. being two. I can't downsize for the life of me and I want to. If some company wants to send me something cute and small that doesn't look like a diaper bag I'm all for it! And to think when I first had T.D. no matter how cute that d.b. was I still made others carry it because I was too embarrassed to be seen with a diaper bag at all.

4. I still think the deep end of a swimming pool is slightly ominous and scary.

5. The idea of adding another child to our lives sometimes makes me feel claustrophobic in terms of house and well, everything! I think we'll never find a sitter again. I know it's irrational but it paralyzes me with fear at random moments. I like my freedom too much.

6. I actually like going to the gym.

7. I secretly wonder if blogging is on its way out.

8. I've been drinking decaf coffee lately.

9. Some days I get a little Pinky and Brain. Yes, I admit it. I could be Brain.

10. I actually really like this song. That video is shameful. Yet, still. It's on the pod and in heavy rotation. The horror.

Not really a confession but Egads! I found this on my friend Steph's site. I couldn't even bring myself to watch the whole thing. I just bit my nails and cringed. This song better get out of my head fast!

Yo! I'm faded.....


  1. But no smoking? Me too. I quit in January. I'm not sure about back eating but my front eating and thus sidefat is in full stride.

  2. I quit in February.

    Since then I pretty much eat constantly. Front, back... whatever.

    Oh yes, I secretly Twitter on my Palm Pilot. Gabe thinks I am playing solitaire. He thinks Twitter is stupid.

  3. Back eating -- I thought that was all part of cooking, sampling what you're making. Now I don't have an excuse, darn.

  4. another post that had me laughing out loud... in the middle of the meeting where i was reading it. thanks a lot.

    i hope you're wrong about blogging because i love it.

    that mccain thing was egregious.

  5. No doubt about the blogging thing. I'm sorry. I think I killed it. Things are always on the outward swing when I finally really get into it. Knitting anyone?

    My back eating of candy is terrible. Also? I pillage my daughter's Halloween and Easter candy for the good stuff. I'm ashamed, but not enough to stop!


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