Friday, February 01, 2008

In Which Midland, Texas Keeps Me up Late.

Am Sshleepy.

GNO = 2 a.m.

No more white wine.

Only caffiene. Somebody get me an IV.

Am no longer 22 and able to stay up late and then bounce out of bed at toddler wake up time.

Gym? Forget it. I'm in the penalty box now.

Waited up for friends plane that was delayed before it even left the ground.

So..zzzzzzzzzzzz...what?! Oh. Tired. today.

Must curl up in ball with toddler with faucet for a nose and rest. No worky today.

Check out my latest on Moms Speak Up here. Mummy's Product Reviews is giving away some fun DVDs and has great new items up (think cashmere!) to peruse. Have a great weekend readers. T.D., H and I will be here Saturday!

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