Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I've Got W.B.

I have a strong case of W.B. this week. That's Writer's Block so no I don't smell and there aren't large pustules rising off my flesh. I'm not quarantined either. I just can't think. I can't concentrate and I feel all shippymacflippyshadippy or something.

Maybe it's the holidays. My mind wanders over to the kitchen where I dream of making confections and Christmas cookies galore with T.D. rather than sitting at a 17-inch screen all day. I think of the countless errands to run and how it might snow today and I am at a loss for words. Literally. For whatever reason I can not get riled up or thoughtful enough to think of a topic beyond cats as elves (the shame!)at DC Metro Moms and likewise for Moms Speak Up. I have a topic all set to write about for this site but again my mind won't let my fingers put words to keyboard and screen. I feel hopeless. Even the blogs are suffering.

So today I leave you with some vintage Mummy. Some remember when's, you know, back when I was witty...

Still don't get it

Vicky and the no good, terribly awful day

Thank God this is done!

Scared ya didn't I? Awake now? Good. Let's not discuss what's going on south of the belt there in this photo. Is that where his battery pack goes? Yick!

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