Wednesday, June 14, 2006

T.D.'s Reign of Terror

Like any good despot T.D. has developed a few new habits and quirks in the last few days and weeks. These are all subject to change with notice to no one. What good is it being a dictator if you don't have absolute power and say whenever you want right? The first thing I noticed is her Napoleonic tendency to stick one hand underneath her carseat strap. She then falls asleep and looks like a cute resting version of the emporer of such short stature. A cleaner one too. Her newest, the latest and so not the greatest is her refusal of her last feeding. H (as my husband will be called for right now) and I spend precious minutes coaxing her to no avail. She flails about swatting at the bottle and then screaming so loud and hard it's like someone is stabbing her. No night time bottle equals various waking times in the dead of night. It's a nightmare for all of us. I'm starting to think I need to wheel around a caffiene IV drip. Her last and probably the most cute is her washcloth/pink blanket addiction. She has turned all Crispin Glover/Creepy Thin Man on us. Or as H says- just like Matthew Broderick in 'The Producers'! She craves that blanket or washcloth like a good addict should and she's not choosy. Give her any type of washcloth and she's happy. She sticks it in her face smelling it and balling it up, kneading it like a cat while making grunting noises. It can be a life saver for us as well calming her down in the middle of a sticky situation.

Let's hope tonight T.D. decides she needs a night off from her push for ultimate domination and we all get a solid night's sleep. If not, woe to those who drive the highways with me tomorrow morning.

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