Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Things I will NEVER Understand

1. Stuffed animals placed in the back windows of cars. You can't see them so why put them there? They give no insight into the drivers personality either.

2. Crystals hanging from a rearview mirror. They blind me how do they not blind the driver? Aren't they illegal anyway?

3. When women wear dark brown lip liner and that's it. Does anyone else think this looks like they just ate dog doody?

4. Those creepy Christmas specials from the 1960s of Rudolph and Santa. Seriously they give me the heebie jeebies and I just cannot watch.

5. Santa, turkey, easter egg or other holiday themed sweatshirt and sweaters. On anyone except maybe someone over the age of 75. It's not festive its dorky and flatters no one but a nursing home resident.

6. The allure and power that is Tom Cruise. He wears lifts. In no other man is that considered an attractive, desirable thing to do.

7. Corporate America's mentality and work ethics. Productivity is up this month oddly enough which is good for the economy but we as a nation don't necessarily work harder just longer.

8. Eggnog.

9. Howard Stern and the women who love him.

10. Dick Cheney and the women who love him.

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  1. Dog doody....lolololol. I loathe the brown lipliner! But what's even beter is when they wear it with WHITE eyeliner. Acccck!


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