Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Man-drome- is it in your home?

I am downstairs. Shh…

I am putting up Christmas decorations, making tea for H & I, and putting away items just purchased at Tar-zhay. What a handy multi-tasker I am! I’m also just about to bite into a fabulous little Ritter Sport chocolate biscuit (lips parted, drooling commences, chocolate oh so near my teeth for that first delicious bite!) when I hear H yell for me from upstairs. He’s giving T.D. a bath.

For whatever reason, I can never understand a word he says when he begins mumble- yelling from another region of the house. I frustratingly pull the heavenly little piece of chocolate away from my lips and wipe the drool off my chin. The nerve! The knack! How in the world does he always know when I’m about to sneak a piece of chocolaty goodness? How?!

I head to the stairs to mumble-yell back up to him. He mumble-yells again. It's worse than having Charlie Brown's teacher live in our house sometimes! I catch only one word. Detangler. We recently purchased some fruity smelling concoction of hair detangler for T.D.’s rats nest of baby fine and curly hair. He wants to know how to use the detangler. I stifle the eye roll and head upstairs to the bathroom. As I enter the bathroom I can see that T.D. is still wet and in the tub. He looks at expectantly at me. I suppress a smile and say, "Use the detangler? Well, it's simple really. You pick up the bottle and you read the directions." If he could have, I think H would have kicked me. I leave the room and return to my moment of bliss downstairs where a nice little chocolate ensconced butter biscuit awaits me.

Really. What would he do if I wasn't here? He would solve the problem. Alone. Is it really easier to go through the whole mumble-yell thing that took five to ten minutes rather than just grab the bottle of detangler and read the label? Probably not. I'm dubbing this man-drome. It's no offense to H, but if I'm anywhere in the house man-drome will arise. I'm sure I suffer something similar and will hear of it later today.

Man-drome: the inability to figure out a problem on their own first if the wife/partner/mom is anywhere in the house. In recent years Man-drome has become rampant and bleeds out into out of home tasks. The wide use of cell phones now makes it possible for man-drome to happen in a variety of places such as grocery store runs and other errands.

Does your man suffer from man-drome?


  1. Mike often feels the need to ask me those sorts of questions while I'm in the middle of shredding paper, running the garbage disposal, or doing something else insanely loud, so that I don't even hear him say anything, let alone have any idea what he said.

  2. Ooo... My husband is the same way. It drives me nuts!

  3. Oh god! I married this man-drome!! However an additional symptom of mine is that when *I* yell to him, he gets mad and tells me to come to the same room! Doctor Mummy, is there a cure?

  4. This is probably the most perfect thing I have ever read. YOu are awesome!


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