Monday, December 03, 2007

Blooming YaYa

I'm not normally one for flowery posts. I don't even read posts by bloggers that set their own blogs in this tone. If someone is looking for more funny, cute mom/kid stories on this blog, stories that are less "cringe-worthy" then you have come to the wrong place. Every once in a while though I'll admit I find a new blogger to stalk. One that makes me laugh so hard that I almost pee myself, but I also find myself commiserating with as I read along. Blooming Ya Ya is one such blog.

Bobita rocks. I laugh. I learn. Her blog has a coziness about it that makes me feel better for reading it. She also has a kick ass button on the bottom right of her blog sidebar that just cinched it for me and made me a regular reader. That is why I'm nominating her November 15 post for a Perfect Post award. So show some bloggy love and read this post by Bobita. If you are a cheese lover you will certainly understand and quite possibly fall in love with this blog too.

The Original Perfect Post Awards

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  1. I went, I read... you're right!
    Thanks for the heads up!!

  2. Thank you. Your words have me blushing and glowing.

    Thank you.

  3. All you had to say was cheese and I was there. Thanks for adding to my blog addiction.


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