Friday, September 21, 2007

Beside Myself

T.D. has gone on a whirlwind adventure to her Nana's house for a... wait for it... drum roll please... a solid week! I hardly know what to do with myself. I know the time will fly by as I've already got the following planned.

Hours of reviews to conduct and write up (that includes pureeing many a vegetable and fruit and freezing it)

Hours working here. I must reach Bongo the Clown. Though really? Asking for Bongo never stops being funny.

One baseball game (the last at RFK..sniff, sniff if I were actually a Nats fan. Go SOX!)

Some light yard work (I know the excitement doesn't end)

Getting myself to a bridal shop where I will cringe as I'm measured publicly for yet another bridesmaid dress. (Don't get me wrong I love the honor I just don't love the markup or the dyed shoes.)

Possibly relaxing and reading the six books and counting that are stacking up on my nightstand. This does not count the magazines all chocked full of fabulous fall fashions or the need I have to consume an entire season of DEXTER and 30 ROCK in one day.

Pedicure- check!

Possibly painting my bathroom. It really should be done by 2008 even if it is December 2008.

One office party to go to for H's company. Mummy might have to actually sit on a bale of hay and feed a goat. Does one wear pearls to that?

One surprise birthday bash in a museum. Pearls can most definetly be worn there! Hopefully there's no hay.

A night out with the spouse- plans are in the making

And all the other things that make up an average day that are ever more humdrum than the things I've just described.

I am desperate to enjoy this time and know it will go quickly. I am still in the cocked ear mode of listening for T.D. to begin her cries of, "LADY! I'M UP! Come get me!!! NOW!!!" It's all to good to be true really. If I wasn't sitting on my ass typing this post I would be doing a jig at my fortune of having this freedom.

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