Thursday, September 20, 2007

I was going to...

I was all set to write up a nice little rant about this Mommy Track'd article but I just don't feel like another soap box session today. Grr...

Then I thought about how I could type up a cute piece on me waxing poetic about fall but then vomit rushed into my mouth at their sheer gushiness of it all.

I won't even go into the gardening frenzy that overtook me yesterday as a result of all my neighbors fall gardening enterprises. Even the poop neighbors put in new flowers and shrubs. Heh. I just did.

I could tell you about my thinking of taking an exotic dance class and my conflicting views on the whole thing along with my morbid curiosity on the whole matter. Plus I sort of feel I have nothing to wear. Is that the point?

I could simply direct you here and here because I love this group and really want to know- would you want this in your city?

Instead I'll just let you enjoy this for your viewing pleasure. Seems to be a trend in weddings these days. I'm thinking of it for my next piece on Flaming Tulle. Where we (ahem) still need a new FEATURED BRIDE so if you know of someone who wants or needs advice, wants to talk weddings, their wedding, with us email us!

H can do a mean 'Thriller' when he wants to as well.

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