Monday, June 06, 2011

Determined to Rest

I subscribe to the Tennyson rule of thinking, "To seek, to find and not to yield." Or something like that. Meaning, I'm a Type A freak who likes to stay busy and makes lots of lists. I drink coffee, would smoke a dozen killsticks if it wouldn't kill me first and I compete with myself a lot.

Do I sleep with my shoulders hunched up to my ears? Oh, indeed.

Last week I found myself swiftly walking through Reagan National airport at the eleventh hour once again, dragging my life behind me on a set of wheels. I had a thought, "What? Doesn't everyone do this with their life?" Living off trail mix and bottled water, memorizing the low-fat meals at Applebee's and Chili's across the country? No, they don't.

While I don't mind racking up frequent flier miles, upgrades and free hotel stays, I do mind how tired I get and how it takes me a good five minutes to remember what day it is or what car I am driving at the moment. My two year old sees me come downstairs in the morning with a bag and immediately says, "Bye, Mom!" Ugh.

Somewhere in the last week or so I decided that for better or worse I am taking a rest. I'm going to enjoy the summer for what it is worth, spend more time at home and only do what is necessary in the work realm. I started last week by taking a three day weekend with my family. We visited my mother-in-law and while in the past it has proved to be less than relaxing, with the addition of each new kid. This past weekend was just what we all needed. There were endless naps on comfy couches, books read and finished, meals enjoyed al fresco and time in the pool with my girls. I watched my baby down her weight in crab, I went on a run alone and one with H, we snuck out for ice cream one night too. It was all quite fabulous.

Today, I am rested, focused and learning that my need and drive to "seek, find and never to yield can and should also apply to the area of rest.

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