Friday, June 03, 2011

Glamour Magazine, Joe Biden and Domestic Violence

I haven't been a reader of Glamour magazine since my college days, but I just might pick up the June issue. In it readers will find an interview with Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden as they talk about a cause they hold very dear to them, domestic violence. For over twenty years the Biden's have worked on this issue. I applaud that. Biden's likening of domestic violence being "worse than prison" is quite accurate. It works perfectly with Glamour's 'Tell Someone' campaign.

Personally, I feel that this issue isn't played up enough. We have just past the one year mark for Yeardley Love. I live in a state that has the worst policies in the country for domestic abuse victims. Sixteen years after my own "prison break" I still suffer nightmares, flashbacks and the odd ticks that people with post-traumatic stress disorder encounter. Sixteen years later and I still don't think this subject is taught to kids in school nearly enough. Our children are not educated in how to deal with relationships like this or how to help a friend who is involved in this way either.

I hope that by my continually talking about it people will be educated and talk to their kids about domestic violence in adult and teen relationships. It isn't a sudden slap usually, but a pattern that is sneaky and hidden. Just like the victim hides their bruises the abuser hides his or her behavior. Talk to your kids- boys and girls alike. Educate yourself on this matter and your spouse. As a survivor, I can tell you that being in this vicious cycle is incredibly lonely and confusing. Don't be afraid to help.

For more information on domestic violence you can visit the following sites:

Love is Respect


  1. Just finished Black and Blue by Anna Quindlen. A really eye-opening read for me, and it seemed like an accurate depiction of the reality of and potential fallout from domestic violence. What did you think?

  2. I read that book when it debated and remember thinking the same thing. Crazy Love by Leslie Steiner Morgan is another truly good read. It is true as well.


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