Monday, May 23, 2011

That Dirty Degree

Cross-posted and archived from DC Metro Moms. Original post date May 21, 2008.

A while back I wrote a post for a blog exchange based around songs that meant something to you. I picked Still Dirrty by Christina Aguilera. Why? Because I am. As I mention in the post, despite passing a child through my "special" place I still feel sexy. OK, I admit, not every day and it is certainly harder right now as I find myself in the throes of pregnancy and being caught between my old clothes and maternity wear, but I do. Most days I feel damn sexy.

There are a host of books, websites and even social networking groups about how to be a 'Hot Mom' and redefine yourself after motherhood. Why do you think all those makeover shows thrive? Most of them are Moms needing a lift. I admit, it is hard not to lose yourself in the mire of motherhood. It is easier to just put on sweatpants each day, throw your hair up and not wear make up. It is. It is also easier to not ask for time for yourself to chat up a friend, read a book, get your hair cut or even go out with your significant other. It is easier not to think of any of this and just keep plugging along whether you are working outside the home or in it.

Except when we take the time to head to the gym, take a walk, do our hair or apply a coat of nail polish we not only look better we feel it too. We all know it and we all need it. We need that time for ourselves so that we can give back to our families. That old adage is true. If Momma ain't happy, then nobody is happy. When I lose myself for a while and find each day of the week has become a ponytail day or that my yoga pants seem to be getting more wear than a cute skirt or dress I have to take step back and grab some time for myself. When my friends laugh at my exfoliation schedule (Wednesdays and Saturdays) I just smile because I know that by doing that and shaving on a regular basis I not only look put together but my mind is happy and I'm confident too.

None of this is news to you. You all know it to be true. You've heard it a thousands times as you sat on your couch watching carpool lady getting her makeover by Stacey and Clinton. We need to take care ourselves and put ourselves first sometimes in order to feel our best and brightest. When we do, we find ourselves again and remember what it is like to feel sexy again. When you feel sexy, well you get the idea. To me, shaving my legs on a regular basis, doing my hair, wearing make up and dressing nicely are all part of keeping myself and my family together. I don't see it as taking time away from them but as a way to give back to them more fully. So whatever I need to do to feel that way and get myself into that frame of mind, I do. If it means wearing a g-string everyday instead of regular old panties so be it. If it means keeping myself in highlights and getting my eyebrows waxed and making sure I get regular exercise my family is on board too. Because doing all this makes me realize that motherhood or not, I've still got the nasty in me, still got that dirty degree. I'm still sexy.


Jessica @ A Bushel and a Peck said...

Amen and Hallelujah. I forget (a lot lately) how much I need to do those things for myself, but its absolutely true. It makes me a happier, more confident me, and that makes me a better mom and wife. Thanks for the reminder...time to make an appointment at the salon!

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