Monday, May 23, 2011

Calling All Maryland Moms!

Juice in the City is looking to launch in the DC Metro area. If you are looking for a nice way to bolster your income or just earn a bit of extra cash then this might be a good opportunity for you. Yes, really. When you apply you already state how much time you can put into the job and what hours work best for you. It's nice to have that information up front. Another great point is that this job helps local small businesses. I'm all for supporting them whenever I can too. It is a great way to bolster your community and its local economy which is needed especially these days.

Want to know more?

Have Fun, Work From Home and Be a Local Hero!Moms, take note! There's a great company (founded by moms) called Juice in the City coming to Bethesda/Chevy Chase! Juice in the City offers great deals to moms and also employs moms part-time to source their deals. If you think you would be interested in having fun, being a local hero, working from home part-time, and making money, you should definitely at least go throw your hat into the ring by applying here. Who knows? It might be your dream job. It is for these local moms (read about their structure here in a recent article). Plus, shhhh, you’ll get $5 credit on the site for completing the app!

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