Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stuck in El Paso

You can't be mad. You just can't be. Frustrated? Yes, I will cop to being frustrated that my flight was canceled for the third time and I am being forced to stay overnight in a city I don't like much at all, but I can't be mad.


Because the reason my flight is canceled is because of tornadoes, floods and disastrous storms happening right now in the mid-west. People are losing their loved ones and homes because of these horrendous weather events. What do I lose? I come home a day late. I have to wear my shirt two days in a row and my gym granny panties because that is all I have left that is clean. But I have that. I have clean underpants and somebody else can't find their baby because of those damned tornadoes.

I haven't yelled, I only stomped my foot once and that was because after moving to multiple locations including outside the airport I couldn't hear the customer service representative telling me my new flight information. Airports are so freakin' noisy with their automatic doors, beeping people movers, overhead announcements and floor buffers. Everyone around me had the most inane, obnoxious ring tones on their cell phones ever going all at once. A symphony of electronic muzastic crap. Those customized ring tones are like music on blogs to me. Just terrible and tacky.

I ate at a restuarant that time forgot tonight, but I had a hot meal. I will sleep in a dinky motel room tonight because everywhere else is booked because of these cancelations, but I have a place to sleep. I have a home to go home to, hopefully tomorrow, and I can't complain about any of that.

It's all about choosing to see the bigger picture and putting things into perspective.

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  1. Great attitude! Hope you get home soon, though.


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