Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Hallmark, Cupid, Candy and Bad Ideas

Valentines Day is just around the corner and while we won't be sipping expensive cham-pahg-nah by candlelight at our house.  Heck, my plan is to make the kids eat at their play table by tea light while H and I sit at the nearby dining room table and try not to have anyone bite, scratch, pinch or pull hair while we eat.  I'll probably have to bribe them with the sugar cookies we'll make earlier that day just to get a hot bite of food in my pie hole before a ref call is needed.

H and I have spent a lot of Valentines Day's together and he has always done pretty well - he baked a cake for me in college, gave me a ginormous box of chocolates when I was hitting my due date with TD and all I wanted to do was sit my pregnant ass on the couch and literally eat a whole box of chocolates and never tried to give me "sexy" anything. You know what?  I can accept that.  In fact, I love that. 

In fact, I think the worst gift I ever got was from a college boyfriend who bought me roses the day after Valentines Day because, "Did you know that they are so much cheaper the day after?!"  Yeah....

So what was your worst gift on Cupid's all commercialized, red-hearted, velvet-flowered, oh-so-sweet day?

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  1. H informed me that the worst V-Day gift he ever got was from me. Our first year of marriage I bought what I thought was filet mignon. I couldn't understand why it was so cheap but I thought, "Eh, it's the commissary! Meat is always cheaper!" Heh. It was the toughest piece of meat we ever ate. Totally terrible even with bernaise sauce. My romantic Valentine's Dinner for two was awful.


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