Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Letter K

This month should be brought to you by the letter 'K'.  It started with worksheets, then checklists arriving home in TD's tote.  Is your child ready for the big K? 

Emails piled up regarding orientations, question and answer forums and registration for the upcoming year.

TD talks about it on an almost daily basis.  When will she be ready to ride the big, yellow bus?  When she turns five in two weeks will she be going right then and there?

Are you ready for the big K?


When did she get so big?  When I started this blog (just one of those insanely banal family only blogs, mind you) back in 2005 she was but a being in my belly.  Kicking me non-stop as I sat my desk estimating widget costs and arguing with engineers about hardware prices and software contracts.  When I think about how long ago it seems that I worked there it feels like a month of eons. 

When I turn and look at her little blond, curly head or watch her sleep I cannot believe the time is one in the same.  She's ready for the big kid bus her Pre-K teacher said.  She herself cannot wait to go and join the other half of the block that waits at the bus stop daily.  She feels left behind and I completely understand it. 

Soon, I will be the one who is left behind.

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