Friday, January 28, 2011

Where's Mummy?

Under a pile of slushy snow that's where I am.  Oh, my little broken body!  All the shoveling,  all the men on my block who watched me shovel out my husband's parking space (I'm nice like that) while he was away for work and didn't lift a finger. I'm not bitter.  Other than the freak snow, sleet, hail and lightening storm we had this week I've been doing this-

The Find has me writing about the juicy orange lip color that is everywhere this spring in "Go Bold.." , Trish McEvoy's Emergency Beauty Card (AWESOME!),  and about "Having a LUSH Valentines Day".

But wait! There's more!

Today is the last day to comment on my Copy Cat for Cancer post.  I will donate a dollar to LympheDIVAS for each comment. 

Take the MPR Survey for me!!! I will be eternally yours! 

Over at MPR there's more about Ford's new EV's and Hybrids in No Wallflowers for Ford Just Butterflies, Graco's Secure Coverage Monitor, and there is still time to enter the Original Baby Bullet Giveaway!  Plus so much more in Fun Finds!

Enjoy and have a great weekend!  I'll be back on Monday!

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