Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One Reagan to Another

It started with an email from a friend alerting me to the fact that Ron Reagan would be in town signing his new book, My Father at 100, on Tuesday.  She knew that would be big news in these here parts.  It was too. TD was beside herself just thinking about meeting her namesakes son.  She was counting the days and jumping around non-stop.  "Will we be going to Ronald Reagan's son's house?!"  "What do I say to him?"  "Is today the day we get to meet Ron Reagan?"  "Will he know my name is Reagan too?"  It went on and on.

"Oh! Is that really him?!"

Waiting in lines bores me...

Her big moment.  When I asked if it was everything she thought it would be she replied with a big "YES! Now can we have lunch with dessert?!" 


  1. You guys make such pretty children. She really is gorgeous.


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