Thursday, December 09, 2010

I Am Loyal

Continuing with the Thirty Days of Truth writing exercise Day Two is all about 'What You Love About Yourself'.  Truthfully, I'm having a real hard time with this one.  I can think of a million things I don't like about myself right now.  I'm not in the most positive mood this week.  I feel like one of the many dry leaves that litters my sidewalk and that's about it. 

I love my feet.  I have always thought despite their size ten status they are quite pretty.  They are long and bony and they remind me of Marilyn Monroe's feet. 

However, I think the point of this exercise is to find something beyond the physical.  I think I can bake pretty well but I'm not actually sure that people like the things I make. They eat them, so I guess so?  I keep a really clean house people tell me.  But that isn't something I particularly love about myself.  I used to be organized.  I prided myself on that but now not so much and it has become a source of irritation that I forget so much on a daily basis. 

I know!

I love that I am loyal.  I have never cheated on a person.  I'm not loyal like a dog's loyal but I will keep and maintain my friendships for long periods of time.  I cherish these people who I consider my friends even if we have limited contact and I pride myself on keeping the relationships alive.  I will reach out no matter how much time has gone by and let someone know I am thinking of them and that I care about them. I frequently have to stop myself from showering my friends with gifts and assorted nonessential items because I would be breaking my bank.  I just want people to know they are important to me and I value them.  I am loyal to my friends and family.  If you don't have them, what do you have? 

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  1. Aww! And that's why I love you (says your lunch date that can't get her schedule to mesh with yours). :)


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