Friday, October 22, 2010

Where's Mummy?

I'm no longer at Wendy's selecting from the 'You Pick 2' menu sadly (I so enjoyed my lunch out with other bloggy friends) but I am here and there. 

At MPR we're talking about

Better Oats Oatmeal

Korres Liquid Lipstick

Umi's new shoes for fall.

Hershey's Halloween Candy

My Name is Not Isabella

All Nighter All Over Shimmer Powder

I am looking for answers to the horrible affliction that is called Colic in 'Got Colic'TheMotherhood and I will be hosting a discussion on this on November 2 so stay tuned. 

At Juno Baby it's 'Things I Should Have Learned By Now', and 'A Love Letter to My Middle Child'.

I'm out before Panera kicks me out.  Have a great weekend!  Go dig through a pumpkin or something.

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  1. How did you know that digging through a pumpkin is exactly what I have planned this weekend?

    BTW I've been curious about the new pickins at Wendy's. That apple pecan chicken salad or whatever it is sounds awful yummy. But fast food salads are usually pretty gross. Verdict?


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