Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Nine Years

Nine years ago H and I let a man we had met only five minutes before marry us at the Paris hotel in front of sixty-five or so of our closest friends and family.  We toasted with champagne, danced the night away and then bid them all good night as we took a long walk from Caesar's Palace back to our hotel in our wedding finery.  It's a memory I lovingly look back on every year. 

A few years ago I wrote this little tribute to us and while we have added in two more kids, still have that snake-bitten, scar-faced insane dog that no one pets anymore and still have a Tiny Dictator on our hands we are still in love despite midnight fights, feedings and more.

H, it hardly seems possible that we have been married for nine years and gone through so much.  I love you more today than I knew was possible as I stood at that alter all those years ago.  You are the only one for me. 

Happy Anniversary, Hon!  You are the bestest. 

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  1. Awwww! Happy 9th anniversary! Here's to many more wonderful years together!


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