Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Just One More Week

There is much screaming in my house these days.  I think if you stand on the walkway at about 10 a.m on any given morning you might stare up at our front door and think you are about to enter a fun house or even a haunted house at a theme park.  It sounds just like that.  The girls, the brood, the pack that now roams my house are a loud lot.  The yelling is incessant and it makes my head hurt and my shoulders hunch up to my ears which are probably about to start pouring blood. 

As you can tell I don't get much time for blogging these days. I looked at the mothers slogging up the block to the bus stops with their kids today with open jealousy glaring off my face.  It is not that I wish TD would "just grow up already!" It is more that I am craving routine.  As a kid I took great joy making up a minute by minute "get ready for school" morning routine.  It took me weeks to get it just right.  Throwing in a new baby certainly derails the routine or any real schedule.  She might already have a nap schedule down, which is a bit unreal, but I find myself scrambling all the time and wondering how in the world I will get through a day that doesn't have me just barely getting up all the cheerios off the floor.  The kids. The sheer number of them. Their ages.  It is exhausting and all consuming at the moment and I can't wait for school to begin next week.  Just one more week. 

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