Thursday, September 09, 2010

Tired Tank Needs to Retire

It's Fall. Time for pumpkins, brightly colored gourds, bales of hay and hot mugs of cider. Make that cold cider because it is just too hot! Temperatures are supposed to reach 90 today and while I would love to be breaking out a nice sweater and boots I'll be wearing capri's and a tank again. This severely extended Indian Summer has me agitated for a variety of reasons.

First, it throws me off balance. I miss the smell of the fallen leaves, the damp air and the fall rain. I can see the Occoquan river from my deck and it is incredibly low. It breaks my heart. This is not normal and it is distressing. Our water supply is in jeopardy. We need rain. We need cooler weather.

Second and way more trivial, is that my anniversary is in the fall. My husband gave me a nice shopping spree as my gift. A day all to myself. A whole day to shop childless and husband-less. To go wherever I want to buy new fall/winter clothes. Only the very idea of buying sweaters and jeans makes me cringe. When it's blazing hot out I do not want to surf the racks of long sleeve tissue T's. I find myself in the picked over clearance sections looking at sun-dresses. My flops, tanks, and shorts are getting old people! My sweaters, wraps, pants, and turtlenecks beckon to come out of storage. The smell of soft buttery leather should be wafting from my closet not the tired rubber of my flip flops. The handmade scarf from a dear friend made begs to be used, yet I have to shun it in favor of my so done spaghetti strapped tops. If we don't get some cooler weather soon I may wear holes in my Korkease. I should be collecting the leaves for my daughters fall projects in pants not shorts!

The whole thing is so disturbing to me. Lake Manassas is drying up. The leaves are falling anyway despite the high temps. While my wallet and closet may be getting a break which really they should anyway the ground isn't. We need rain. We need normal temperatures and fall weather not just to preserve our front stoop pumpkins longer but to put our lives in order. I find myself worrying about this global warming issue more and more as the sun blazes on and with no solution. The weather being like this makes me feel futile in my fight. Maryland's Homecoming is in a few weeks and I hope I'm at least wearing a long sleeve 'Go Terps' T-shirt at the tailgate and not a another tank top.

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Jessica said...

Ack, I have been complaining about this for weeks, now. Fortunately the forecast for this weekend finally has high temps in the 60s here in NoVa. Its a step in the right direction!

Reply October 10, 2007 at 05:32 AM Robin said...

This past weekend I got some fall scents candles. It helps a little with the fall feeling in the house, but only a little.....

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