Monday, August 16, 2010

Where's Mummy?

This week I'm reviewing Wiglington & Wenks, the amazing virtual world that takes kids all over the world. It's educational, fun and historical.  While a bit young for TD she really became enchanted with the characters and how she could travel all over the globe.  Enter to win a month's subscription for your child today! 

Oliver's Labels is here just in time for back to school. 

The name isn't great but it's self-explanatory too- Urine Off Stain Remover.

At TheFind I'm talking about TOM's cute wedge shoes. I bought myself a pair for my post-swollen feet. 

And has anyone heard of this diet craze?  I could have made some bank!

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  1. Vicky, I cannot believe that you didn't give birth on Ellis Island, never mind that you made it back to DC. Hang in there girlfriend. You can do it!


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