Monday, May 10, 2010

The Sweaty Cowboy

Last week I saw down to a Mother's Day Tea at TD's school.  We had lemonade with heart-shaped ice cubes and pink paper bags full of popcorn that the children had made for us.  It was delightful.  After our snack we followed them to 'Music & Movement'.  Each week she participates in what can only be described as a yoga/dance/singsong frenzy.  The kids love it and it was fun participating even if I couldn't exactly get into a correct downward dog.  The staff spoke often about how the number of overweight children has almost doubled in the past twenty years.  This generation will not live as long as their parents because of fat-related illnesses.  In my state it is the sixth leading cause of death. 

We know the facts.  The First Lady is on a misson to eradicate this US epidemic.  What used to be a small issue isolated to one or two kids per grade has now become commonplace.  $3 billion a year is spent by fast-food companies marketing directly to kids. I don't like my kids wearing cartoon/TV show clothing because I don't want them to be walking advertisements.  I don't want them thinking that french fries and ketchup equal two servings of vegetables a day either. 

When I see these two items -

IHop's Stacked Pancakes. For breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh, and dessert.  Maybe Fourth Meal too, perhaps? 

and of course KFC's Double Down.  Who doesn't want all that grease, fat and salt mainlined into their system all in one punch?

Um, me.  I don't, that's who.  It makes me mad every time I see things like this! I'm sick of companies thinking that they can just keep creating this shit, because that is what it is, shit. And they are passing it off as a meal let alone actual food.  Death on a plate or a greasy paper bag is more like it.  It doesn't help the countries problems today or its future. A slow, sickly death.  One bite at a time.

Now visit this site for some real cringe-worthy dishes.  My favorite is the Sweaty Cowboy right next to the Elvis Double Down. 

That is all.


  1. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Wow. Disgusting. The statistics always depress me. The 6th leading cause of death in Virginia is gluttony. Something like 60% of Americans are overweight and 30% are obese. Ew. It's like some crazy morality story come to life. Children in parts of the world die of starvation, while over here we staple our stomachs shut because we can't stop shoving food into our fat faces! Blech. Makes me embarrassed to be an American. -E

  2. I posted this on the Music and Movement teacher's Facebook profile, if that's ok? I wanted to give her some "props," and also give you even more visibility.

    Thanks for this post. I pray that I will raise my children to eat and live healthfully, so that when they are outside of the home they don't go for that KFC disgustingness.

  3. Yum... I'm so not interested in my lunch now (a healthy veggie lunch, mind you). Have you seen the recent KFC plug for Komen? Buy a giant pink bucket full of fried chicken and a portion of the proceeds goes to the Global Race for the Cure. So... help raise money for cancer research by buying a heart attack in a bucket?

  4. I am always disgusted by this. Individuals are responsible for their own bodies, but in the United States we have DISGUSTING food available for very little money. Billions of dollars are spent on advertising to get everyone excited about this non-nuritive "food stuff" and yet, the whole foods movement is looked on with scepticism. The commercial that drives me crazy right now is the one where the people are so put-out by how difficult it is to eat real fruit and that they must eat this super convenient Fruit 2 Go or whatever it is. Puh-leeze.

    Ok, my thoughts are a little disjointed. It's early.


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