Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Jug O' Pee

I've admitted before that this third pregnancy (Baby Trois) is kicking my ever-expanding ass.  Months of nausea that seemed endless through the gray winter months nearly did me in.  I gratefully accepted a pass into the second trimester and now at 27 weeks we begin a new journey, even if it is for just a day.

What's that song about "twenty-four little hours"?  Right, Dinah Washington, 'What a Difference a Day Makes."  Well, we shall soon see.

Today I begin a 24-hour urinalysis. TMI? Too bad. It's my blog. Check the labels.  From this morning until I wake up tomorrow I have to pee into a bright biohazard orange jug.  A jug o' pee, if you will.  Tomorrow after dropping TD off at school I will head to the lab, give them my jug and have some blood drawn too.  We're checking for anemia and possible preeclampsia.  Again.  I did this with TD.  At 36 weeks I was put on bed rest with her due to preeclampsia and it was not fun.  The swelling, the ache in my side, the nausea and early labor.  Joy.  However, it wasn't as scary as this where I'm not so far along and there is so much more time yawning before me if something is wrong.

I have been taking it real slow the last few days. No laundry has been beaten into submission. The kids are fed, dressed and we do our thing but there is no galavanting around town.  We are at base-line operation levels here.  I spend much of their nap times on the couch laying on my left side to combat the swelling.  On the plus side, I've read all my magazines that have piled up, watched about five episodes of Vampire Diaries and gotten through quite a bit of 'My Fair Lazy'.  Also, when I first begin swelling early in the day I look like I might have had my lips done.  Heh.  I load up on the pink gloss and stand in front of the mirror puckering a lot until my cankles get out of control and Heidi Montag Pratt would die of shame at the sight of my swollen nose. 

I'll keep you posted.  If it is anemia then I just take iron pills.  If it is preeclampsia we have a whole different journey ahead of us.  Baby Trois and I are in it to win it.


  1. My third was by far the hardest on my body. But I only had BP issues with the first and second. Go figure.

  2. Good luck! I don't envy your potential diagnosis, but I do envy the ease of peeing in a jug rather than pricking fingers several times a day.

    I'm going to insist on an anemia test next week. Every time I mention fatigue I'm told that's just part of pregnancy. But all this diet and exercise crap is supposed to be making me feel better, and I feel even more rundown than ever.

  3. Ahhhh you're expecting again, congratulations! It's obviously been awhile since I've read your blog but am so happy for you :) Hope you're feeling well!


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