Friday, May 14, 2010

No Lemons Today

After peeing in a jug for the last 24 hours, dealing with a fevered Comedian all day yesteday and missing ladies night due to some weird cramping and lower back pain (but nothing takes the mind off twisted abs like episodes of Mad Men!) and in general spending the week feeling useless I decided to look for some silver linings.  Some lemonade versus lemons.  It is Friday after all and if I can't drink my weekend away in a Bloody Mary haze until some time in late August I must find something fun and positive.  Right?

-It's sunny. The birds are chirping and flowers are in bloom.  Sounds a bit Julie Andrews but the weather has been weird, windy and gray a lot lately and it was totally getting on my nerves.  Just because I'm happier being prone doesn't mean I want to look out at a dismal day.

-We got a graduation announcement in the mail yesterday.  H's cousin got a full ride to Yale.  She's wicked smot and we are so proud.  She's totally going to need that fur coat that his grandmother gave her last year when her Arizona born and raised self experiences her first New England winter.  Sofia, you my dear, rock. We love you.

-H decided that since I can't think of anything I want for my birthday he is going to hire a sitter and take me out to the city for dinner and to see SATC2.  Um, hon. That is what I want for my birthday.  You are the best.  I am beyond excited already.  Just don't make fun of anything that happens during the movie or if I fret about my shoes beforehand or do anything like talking during the flick.  I might get stabby. I kid. Sort of. 

-I bought cinnamon buns today.  Yeah, so what if I made some on Sunday.  S'ok.  I'm totally in control of my need for donuts, pastries and all things laden with butter and icing and buttercream.  Totally. In. Control. I have not been huffing the box they came in, I swear.  There have been no drive-bys for bakeries either.  Yet.

-It's Shoe Friday!

-I'm accepting baby names.  Baby Trois needs an identity. 


  1. I love that shoe Friday is part of your lemonade.

  2. I'm so honored I got to be one of your lemons!


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