Monday, May 17, 2010

Noname Yet

A few days ago I asked for baby name submissions both on the blog and Twitter.  When it comes to names it seems H and I have totally different tastes.  He has thrown in suggestions that are seventies throwbacks while I tend to like foreign or "old lady" names.  Both the TD and The Comedian have Presidents in their names but I think we are running out of options in that category.

Can you really name a girl Fillmore, Polk or Bush?  No. No, you cannot. 

Perhaps we need to get real creative and use Lincolnia, Quincy or Clevelandia?


  1. Here are the girl names that I liked that we didn't use: Chloe, Paige, Marin, Megan and Lucy.

    I realize why one of those is totally out of the question for you.

    As for President names (and I have no idea which one is in the middle kids name): Madison, Kennedy... nope that is it.

  2. Theodora.

    What about great first ladies? Dolley, Jaqueline, Eleanor.

    Mike wants two sons with Thomas and Jefferson as their middle names.

  3. Do you have an area of history you're delving into this time out? You could do Abigail (as in Adams... as in "Remember the Ladies"). Cady (rather than the obvious Elizabeth). Inez (is that old lady enough?). Or you already have the name of my favorite women's suffragette - so you can't really go there unless you want her to be Vicky2.

  4. It is amazing to me how almost every one of these names given we have already thought of, including First Ladies. Tess, was also mentioned. Short for Testudo, Maryland's mascot, which is where H and I met.

    Keep them coming! They are all great!

  5. Ooh, I like Sarah's suggestions of Madison or Kennedy. Especially Kennedy. That sounds like your daughter ;-)

    I like super girly names which don't seem to be your forte, so I'm no help.

    You could go with in Ross? I know, I know. I told you I'm no help...

  6. I tend to like the old fashioned names. Camille, Emma, Hope, Faith. I don't know that I'm much help.


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