Monday, September 21, 2009

The Last Pancake

Scene: Breakfast is over for this Sunday morning and clean up has begun. I notice that there is one last pancake left.

V: I pick up the pancake and say, "Dare me to chuck this last pancake at the dog's head?"

H: "Go for it."

I lob it at the dog and it grazes her cheek. Considering the fact that this is a dog that can catch adult-sized birds in mid-flight I am a bit surprised that she doesn't grab a hold of this flying snack. It lands on the floor next to her and in seconds the dog, TD and The Comedian are on this lone pancake like a pack of hungry wolves.

After a few minutes of wrestling with her sister and the dog, The Comedian crawls away with only a glance back. Having been nearly shanked by the dog's talons of death she realizes that whatever tiny scrap of pancake she was going to get it wasn't worth it.

TD, however is in full pseudo-fight mode with the dog. There is cackling and scrambling coming from under the kitchen table. I peer beneath it and see TD, fully aware of how silly this all is, eating the pancake right along with the dog. A huge smile spreads across her face as a giggle escapes her throat.

I'm glad I cleaned the floor that morning. I look at H and say, "We're awesome parents."

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  1. And that would have won you money on one "America's Funniest Videos" for sure!!!!!!! Next time - tape it!


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