Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My First 10k- About 65% Motivated

After this past June's 5k success and last month's month of 5 day a week workouts I have decided to challenge myself once again. Really, I just want to do this in March and I need to have a qualifying 10k under my belt. So here I go!

I'm going the Jeff Galloway route with training. I was about to go into my first week of training this past week when I realized that I instead of the 13 weeks of training I had scheduled I only have eight. Yikes! I cut off a few weeks and ran a 5k yesterday for the first time since June. This whole time I've been lacking my usual enthusiasm for fitness goals. However, when I finished my run yesterday I realized that I shaved six minutes off my time. It completely re-energized me and instead of shirking my workout duties this week I find I'm rearing to go.

For now.

I have until November 15 until the "particularly hilly and challenging" 10k. Maybe my daily intake of glucosamine and fish oil will give me the super powers of motivation? Maybe the eating of a ton of Halloween candy and birthday cake at The Comedian's party will spur me to keep going because at this point I'm really only 65% motivated on any given day.


  1. I didn't know you were shooting for a half! So exciting! And you shaved off 6 minutes?! That's HUGE!

  2. Just stopping by from another blog, and thought I'd check your site out. It looks nifty. And I really enjoyed reading it :)

    Thanks for having me and I hope to see you stop by my site. :)

  3. Are you doing the marathon or half marathon? Either way, I'm jealous. I'm working hard to get back into half-marathon shape but there are no races here, of any distance, for me to run. You have to do it for those of us racing vicariously! No pressure. :)

  4. I don't know if you get motivated by running with other people or not. For me, it's the only thing that gets me out on days I'm feeling lazy. Anyway, I run with a group I found through www.seemommyrun.com. Everyone runs with jog strollers and it's a great group. I know at least one of the mom's in my group lives near you guys and I think there are other groups out there too. Good luck with your race!


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