Monday, June 01, 2009

Splish Splash I Hate the Pool

I'm just going to admit this up front- I hate the pool.

My husband? He seems to love the pool. I've actually begun to dread this time of year as of late because I know it means only one thing. He is going to want to go to the pool.

Do I hate the pool because it means I have to get into a bathing suit? No.

Do I hate the pool because of the tons of screaming children and loud cannon balling teenagers? A bit.

Do I hate the pool because the women's locker/rest room is a stinkin' hive of germs and wet toilet paper on the floor but never on the roll where it belongs and out of the three toilets usually only one is flushed? That one? It usually has a brown mucky poop-laced water on the floor around it. YES! YES! I hate the pool for that reason. I feel like TD and I need a round of shots kin to going to a Third World country just to take a piss. I can't help but wonder if the men's room is cleaner because a majority of kids and Mom's don't frequent it.

Also? I love the idea of the pool. I love sitting in the sun, reading a good book or magazine and just lounging. However, with two tiny wonders to entertain it often requires a steamer trunk of gear plus snacks and constantly being vigilant. Oh and getting in the water. Brr... Me no likey.

And let's face it. My sun worshipping days are over now that I've had two skin cancer debacles under my belt. Now I have to be content to slather on the high SPF and cover myself up. I loathe.

But I go because in some way it is relaxing, minus the poop water bathroom. It's free, family fun and it makes H and the kids happy. The saying may be, "if Momma ain't happy..." but it also applies to Dad's as well.

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  1. I don't do public pools. Period. Yuck.

  2. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Actually, the men’s room isn’t that bad



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