Tuesday, June 02, 2009

McCafe is What is Wrong with America

Have you seen the most recent McDonald's McCafe commercials where they take your ordinary humdrum words like commute and shuttle and add an accent on the 'e' and suddenly it makes everything all better?

That commercial right there is kin the Dunkin Donuts tagline, "America Runs on Dunkin'", which just screams at me so much that is wrong with our country. We are all about the quick and dirty, easy peasy instant gratification way of doing things. We want it when we want it and we don't want to wait for something that might be better for us. I see commercials like the McCafe ones and not only do I want to hurl something at my television for butchering our language but I just groan with how Americans think we can just keep going like this always looking for a shortcut and cheaper alternative.


Maybe I'm reading to much into it. However, when I hear John Goodman's voice saying, "America runs on Dunkin'" I just cringe.

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