Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fight Club at My House

"The first rule of fight club is that you do not talk about fight club."

A true gem of a film.

So it's not exactly fight club but on Saturday night H will enter a ring and fight his first boxing match. The past few months he has spent training for this event (Read: his dream/my nightmare). He would come home from training and sparring sessions looking like Edward-Isthatyourbloodonyourshirt?-Norton. How people viewed this all at his office I do not know. The black eyes, the swollen nose, the bruised chin and bloody lip. All of them have made me incredibly squeamish. It's one thing to watch a boxing match on TV and entirely another to see someone you love willingly get the crap punched out of them. Not that H will have that happen but I'm prepared for the worse. And possibly some new teeth. Heh.

Though how bad could it be? He's going to be wearing satin shorts.

The man still needs a song for his entry. Suggestions are welcome.

And in this corner....

Read about how we are 'The Lucky Ones' at DC Metro Moms today.


  1. I am so sad that we won't be able to see this. Rodica is also TERRIFIED of the fight-I think it would fun...unless it was Mircea!

    I'd also love to know what he coworkers thought of his beatings.

  2. Oh my gosh, I love every thing about this post. So hilarious! Can't wait to watch Dohammed Ali this weekend!

  3. Anonymous3:18 AM

    Is he wearing Khaki work-pants under the satin shorts?? Hope he kicks ass and takes names!!
    I am Jack's raging bile....

  4. He got those satin shorts and headgear in the mail that day and right after work he had to try it all on. It was halarious. He now wishes he had deleted those photos.

  5. Anonymous9:03 AM

    I was holding them up, not wearing them...

  6. Entry song...
    "If today was your last day" by: Nickelback.


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