Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day is Every Day

For weeks my inbox has been flooded with PR requests to review earth-friendly products to share with my readers. "Do you have a green guide gathered together for Earth Day?" The PR people ask me. No, I do not. Here's why.

I celebrate Earth Day every day. Not just one day a year where I buy a reusable bag. When I review products at Mummy's Product Reviews (MPR) I try do review as many sustainable, eco-friendly products that I can get my hands on. In the past few years I have consistently tried to make less waste, recycle more, use my reusable bags to shop and tote things around and freecycle my heart out. I donate a lot of items instead of throwing them out. I use household cleaning, beauty, health and kid/baby products that have less packaging and chemicals than the typical alternatives. Since I began this 'green our lives' journey (read: clean the tub with baking soda and lemon juice or the toilets with vodka or borax. You heard me. I said, vodka.) many of the popular name brand and even store brands have come out with green alternatives. It makes life a lot easier but you still have to do your research. Buying something with a leaf on it doesn't always mean it is green.

I make goals each year as well. When we repaint our bathroom and den this summer it will be with VOC-free paints (are you listening Valspar and Benjamin Moore! I could review paint for you!). I'm hoping to find a used light fixture for the bathroom as well instead of buying new, if possible. I buy most of the kids clothes from consignment sales too. I try to buy from small businesses who practice green tactics as well as buy locally when possible. It can take more time but I feel I'm helping my community at the same time. Just look at what these Nesty women are doing together!

As I type this my three year-old has just finished a to-go cup of applesauce that she put into a paper cupcake holder. Upon finishing it she said, "Recycle these! I need to recycle these!" I could not be more proud. I can only hope that what I am teaching her now will really stick and create habits that will last and sustain her lifetime, not just for one day in the year.

In celebration of Earth Day have your child color this Sid the Science Kid activity sheet. PBS Kids website has some really great stuff for the whole family as well-

-How to Throw a Green Birthday Party
-Incredibly helpful and insightful “green” articles
-An expert Q&A where parents can submit their own personal questions!

and more...


  1. Totally curious about the vodka!! I use baking soda, white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, etc. Vodka??!!!!

  2. I agree. I think Earth Day is a great idea in theory, but it should be in practice every day. Too many people rush out for the free "green" loot today, and forget about it in a week.


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