Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Angry Woman Kicks 1,4-Dioxane to the Curb

I'll admit I'm a bit cantankerous today. I was up all night with TD who has a hellacious cough and the poor kid is just not herself. Combine that lack of sleep with an issue that just generally gets me riled up anyway and you've got one angry woman on your hands.

That must mean it is time for a SOAP BOX RANT! I've climbed up. Attention please! Let me begin.

I love my kids. I want what is best for them in every possible way. I want them to feel safe and secure at all times. Their welfare and health is at the tip top of my list on a daily basis. So that is why I get so steaming, hell-fire breathing mad when I read that companies that many parents have trusted for generations, companies that love to court us mommy bloggers, just really don't give a shit. There. I said it. They don't. It's all about the bottom line. Duh. I feel like they are duping the consumers. Especially when we mommy bloggers have asked repeatedly at certain events if their products are really as safe and harmless as they say. We are a skeptical lot us mothers and we protect our young with a ferocity that cannot be imagined. When we find out that chemicals that cause cancer have been pumped into our tiny babies bath soap we get angry.

Really angry. I feel like I want to rip someones jugular out today and not just because I'm feeling all sleep-deprived and primal but because I'm damn mad that the makers of these products just don't care what they do. It's all about the easiest, cheapest way to make and market the product and who cares what the general public thinks. "Put a green leaf on it boys and the moms will go mad thinking it's all-natural!" When really it's chock full of formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane. Kiddie leukemia anyone?!

Grrr... Much teeth gnashing and I'm looking for blood.

I don't even care if it isn't my country that this is effecting though I'm quite certain that it is chemical poisoning is just as rampant in the US as it is in foreign lands. These chemicals just aren't required to be listed on our products labels according to US laws. Feel angry now? And just because it isn't in my house doesn't mean it isn't effecting me. Yet it is effecting my house because last year I got a ton of free baby bath products, kids shampoo, soap and lotion from this company. Trying to not be wasteful, especially during the time of my husband's lay off, I began using all this stuff just to save a dime. I'm almost done with all of it too. Despite my concious always eating away at me over the last few months I kept using it all too. But as of today it's all being chucked in the trash. Instead of waiting to be done with it and then going back to my safety-checked bath products I'm just going back now. No more chemicals for my kiddos. Because this?

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a consumer safety watchdog group, last
Friday reported that dozens of popular children’s bath products marketed in the
US contain two cancer-causing chemicals, 1.4-dioxane and
Twenty-three of the 28 products tested for formaldehyde were
shown to contain the chemical, and 17 of those products contained both
formaldehyde and 1.4-dioxane. Among those were the highly popular Johnson’s
Baby Shampoo, L’Oreal Kids Extra Gentle 2-in-1 shampoo and Pampers Kandoo
foaming hand soap, which contained enough formaldehyde to trigger a skin
reaction in highly sensitive people, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics said in its

Is completely UNACCEPTABLE. I'm not just going to single one company out either because this stuff and more is in so many of the products we use on a daily basis to clean our homes and simplify our lives. I have been trying to weed items like this out for the past few years and often there are much more wallet-friendly solutions that you just need to do a bit of searching for versus always buying the sometimes expensive and not always effective green marketed products crowding our shelves these days. Don't despair and feel defeated! You can take action in some very simple ways.

What you can do:

Contrary to industry statements, there are no regulatory standards that limit formaldehyde, 1,4-dioxane or most other toxic chemicals in personal care products sold in the United States. There are signs the U.S. is gearing to catch up, but for now it's up to consumers to consider carefully before they buy. Here's some suggestions for safeguarding your family's health:
Simplify: Select products with fewer ingredients and no synthetic fragrance or dyes, and use fewer products overall.

Choose safety: Search EWG's cosmetic safety database, Skin Deep, to learn more about the products you use and find safer alternatives. Also check out EWG's Safety Guide to Children’s Personal Care Products.

Read labels: Select products for baby and yourself that don't contain the ingredients listed above, which are commonly contaminated with formaldehyde or 1,4-dioxane.
Take action! Can’t memorize these lists? Nobody can. If harmful contaminants and ingredients weren’t allowed in products, you wouldn’t have to. Tell Congress you want safe cosmetics for babies, adults and everyone in between.

Spread the word: Send an e-card letting friends and family know about this report.

Finally you don't have to be a parent to be angry about this issue. It's a matter that everyone should take to heart. It is your health after all too. Your pets as well. The more of us that take action the better off we will all be in the long run. Not only healthier but safer. And by God maybe then some of those green products will have to come down in price as well!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your rage! I'm forwarding the EWG parents guide to everyone I know and posting it on Facebook.


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