Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What Would You Do for Cupcake?

Meet Cuppy.

Cuppy apparently turned two yesterday.

After a spin on the Disney circuit sharing top billing with a certain Ms. Lohan, years of being a flat Stanley type character in my life, doing hard time in a box in storage, Cuppy got paroled last year and has now found a home in the heart of TD. But Cuppy has not gone completely straight yet. She whispered a little magic in TD's ear yesterday and told her it was her second birthday. It was time for a celebration TD declared.

Cuppy needed cupcakes too. How convenient! We just happened to be at the grocery store.

So there you have it. Happy Birthday you sneaky little Cuppy. I'm on to you too TD. I know only too well just what lengths a girl will go to for a cupcake fix.

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