Monday, March 16, 2009

Shred, Shred, Shred!

Just when I think I can take no more I imagine myself standing in the middle of a circle of faceless people shouting, "Shred! Shred! Shred!" as if I'm about to do a keg stand instead of air punches and squats. It keeps me motivated I swear. When my arms feel like they are going to break off at the shoulder and fall on the floor writhing in agony because Man! circuit three strength training hurts so good and yes, hurts so freakin' bad I need all the encouragement I can get.

I'm on day seven of Shredding and hallelujah it is working! As I type I'm wearing a pair of jeans I bought back in my pre-Dash Two days. It's exhilarating. I have more energy, sleep more soundly (minus those times when TD wakes up at 4 a.m. crying for Chapstick) and really do feel like that twenty minutes of Jillian making me her bitch is working better than "phoning it in at the gym." It helps that H is shredding with me. The days where I lag he pulls me along and vice versa. In the process our kids are seeing us do this together and TD likes to join in each time and I can't help but hope it is teaching her about the positive points of exercise and being healthy not just Mommy trying to lose a jean size and eyeing her cupcakes while I cry into my salad.

Note: Don't miss two days in a row. You will only succeed in kicking your butt even more the next time you decide to move that said lazy butt and shred. You will get the stink eye from Jillian too, I swear.


  1. We just ordered this over the weekend. Obviously, it will be awhile before I can do it...but my hubby wants to try it. I'll have to keep you posted. *snort*

  2. After all your terrifying reviews I was still crazy enough to order it. Supposedly it was delivered today, so tonight I'll watch it (I have to study these things, I can't follow directions well) and start tomorrow. My jiggle thighs are ready for the pain. (as is my jiggle ass, jiggle arms, and jiggle belly)

  3. I am totally Jillian's bitch too but you are right...After just 6 days, I feel so much better than before I started! And I love that my kids get into it and pressured my husband into doing it with me over the weekend. Maybe my little cheering section needs to pipe down though because now they are wondering when I'm going to move up to level 3! Ugh!


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